The Moler School Farm is a project dedicated to educating elementary school students while acting as a community garden in the Columbus area. Growing Matters, the volunteer organization that tends to the garden, needed help streamlining management and maintenance as well as bringing awareness to the garden and properly educating visitors. My research team focused on implementing signage in the garden that would educate both students and community members who chose to visit and collect from the garden. As lead visual designer on my research team, I was able to create the signage that is used in the farm today.
The final poster was installed in a display case built by our research team at the Moler School Farm. The poster provides information about the farm, it's goals, and guidelines for visitors. It also provides a map of the garden and a detailed list of the crops which can be added or removed as the crops are rotated using velcro.
~ to view our final presentation click here ~
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